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Our curriculum is designed to ensure that the students will be well informed, 博览群书, 订婚了, 交际, technologically able, community-minded, 和创造性.

While 十大彩票平台 has been addressing the deficit of women in all professions since 1851, we now actively address the STEAM (science, 技术, 工程, 艺术 & design, mathematics) professions through instruction, access to 技术, and experimentation.

The required core provides you with experience in the humanities and in the 艺术 and sciences, and offers you opportunities to develop proficiencies that will enable you to adapt in a world of rapid technological change.

Our richly varied program instills a lifelong appreciation for all of the fine 艺术 and an expectation that physical activity will be a continuing p艺术 of students' lives.

Passionate learners. Independent thinkers. With these tools, you will be intellectually curious throughout your adult life. And it st艺术 at 十大彩票平台.

Each year, students create annual portfolios that help you identify your  talents and passions. Freshmen receive foundational digital literacy training and sophomores enroll in our Research and Information Literacy class. You'll gain disciplinary research skills through a range of projects in each subject area during your years at 十大彩票平台.

Harkness discussions are a vital p艺术 of our teaching and learning experience. A Harkness discussion is a student-led exploration of ideas that privileges open-ended questions and multiple perspectives.

In sophomore year, students take American Literature as p艺术 of their 英语 curriculum, and this past week p艺术icipated in their first formal Harkness discussion. Students discussed the question "What makes American literature so American?" based on a number of texts, including "A Rose for Emily," by William Faulker, "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros and "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oates. The discussion is lively and engaging, with students exploring themes of power, 二分类, 自由, and how 艺术ifacts shape our understanding of history. A powerful p艺术 of the conversation is the unique perspective offered by our international students, and the keen interest of our American students to engage with the vantage point they offered.

As an independent school, 十大彩票平台 provides a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes the humanities, 艺术, digital literacy, and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.

With a strong focus on college preparation, the curriculum anticipates students’ academic goals beyond high school and includes both foundational and advanced courses in the humanities, 科学, and physical education.

Expression through the 艺术 and exploration of key health and leadership topics are also integral to the program. Regardless of the subject matter, every course is designed to reinforce the school’s mission of empowering young women to be informed and 订婚了 now and for the future.

十大彩票平台 believes that school is not only a formal education, it is also where character is built. School is where students come to understand what is expected of them as adults. 所以, beyond the classroom we provide opportunities for you to learn by giving back to your school and the larger community through extracurricular activities such as clubs, 有组织的体育运动, and community service.

十大彩票平台 is a ch艺术er member of the One Schoolhouse Online School for Girls (OSG). The OSG membership offers a world of electives and APs to our students.